We hope you find the content of this website both compelling and inspiring, as we attempt to convey why we feel so passionate about Swimming Ponds.

The benefits of having a swimming pond are immeasurable

“We had our pond built over the spring of 2018 and found the Swimming Pond Company fantastic to work with. Since we started to fill it, I’ve swum almost every morning and must have clocked up more than 50 miles this summer. Watching the wildlife is mesmerising, and it’s so amazing when the dragonflies come and swim up and down with us. Whilst the whole family have enjoyed the swimming, it has brought us so much more than that, in fact it has been life changing. The benefits of having a swimming pond are immeasurable. I find that sitting by the water soothes my stress and anxiety and for the first time in many years I find that I can just sit and be still. You could not put a price on that”.

Anne & Simon, Scole

Swim in life sustaining water and connect with nature

A swimming pond not only gives us the opportunity to swim in fresh, clear water without a trace of chemicals, but also attracts and sustains a wide array of wildlife, drastically increasing the biodiversity of our garden.

Children will spend hours fascinated by tadpoles, water boatman and the huge array of life which the water supports. They will enjoy learning about the ecology of the habitat while having fun.

The Swimming Pond Company Ltd based in Norfolk specialise in designing and building Swimming Ponds, often referred to as Natural Swimming Pools, Natural Pools, Eco Pools or Swim Ponds.


Swimming Pond & Garden Design

For a successful project, it is essential that a swimming pond integrates effectively within the garden and links to the home & surroundings in a harmonious manner.

As landscape and garden designers, we have the necessary skills to achieve this with well thought out and innovative design.

The Swimming Pond Company also designs and builds other garden elements, which include traditional and contemporary garden design, courtyard gardens, kitchen gardens and creative outdoor lighting.

Visit our Show Swimming Pond

If you are considering a swimming pond, then we invite you to come and look at our show swimming pond, which is in the heart of our garden here in South Norfolk.

Not only will you have the opportunity to experience the immense pleasure of swimming in a natural environment, but you will also see and understand how it all works.

Why not dip your toe in the water, contact us to make an appointment.




Swimming Pond in Norfolk

"It's so beautiful - lots of newts, dragonflies, birds and black irises.
It's lovely to be in, and we're really appreciating the deck, it's absolutely perfect - thank you!”
Tom Beevor, Hargham

Swimming Pond in Suffolk

"The swimming pond looks fantastic in the garden – a beautiful feature admired by all who see it."
Gill and Peter Cave, Higham

Men floating in swimming pond

"Michael was thrilled to see a kingfisher perched on the jetty yesterday morning, clearly hoping for fish!"
Dr. Frances Price, Booton