Show Swimming Pond

So, you have had a look through the website and find yourself inspired, beginning to consider a swimming pond and wondering about the next step? We would strongly suggest a visit to our show swimming pond here in South Norfolk as the next move.

Visit our show Swimming Pond

Visiting our show swimming pond will give you the opportunity to swim in fresh water surrounded by lush vegetation and find out why such an experience is so liberating and exhilarating. You will learn that the water does not leave you skin and hair feeling dry and actually feels soft to the touch.

You will also gain an understanding of how it all works and get answers to any questions you might have.

Call 01379 688000 and arrange a visit.


The swimming pond has a surface area of almost 200m² with a swimming area of a little over 90m².

To give this some perspective, a conventional family size swimming pool is usually around 35-40m². The water depth around the outer part of the swimming area is 1.2m but grades down to in excess of 2m just off the oak deck. The deck actually sits over the water and is a wonderful place to simply relax and enjoy the view. Bespoke green oak ladder steps provide access to the water with a second set mirroring them at the other end of the pond.

The swimming pond was designed to optimise the views from within the house so that even on the coldest day in winter the swimming pond can still be enjoyed from indoors. And that is the key, to be able to enjoy the feature all year round.

For those who like the sound of running water, there is a boulder with water cascading down its upper surface which adds a little drama to the garden. A few more boulders have been carefully placed to give a slightly contemporary feel to the swimming pond.

A bog garden abuts the deck with a Gunnera manicata playing central stage, under-planted with ferns and primulas.

Outdoor lighting plays a role in the design and makes the most of the reflective nature of water. Key features are lit up and background trees are up-lighted to dramatic effect. The overall effect is quite magical.

Call us on 01379 688000 to arrange a visit

The Garden

The swimming pond represents the heart and soul of the garden which covers a little over 2 acres.

An ellipse shaped border with prairie style planting wraps around the far end of the swimming pond which ensures a bold back drop to the water. The border reaches its peak during the summer months and is planted up with a wide range of bulbs, including alliums, foxtail lilies, tulips and muscari to perform in spring too.

Running around the back of this border, but separated by a wide grass path is what is referred to as the “winter border” i.e. a mixed planting of trees, shrubs and herbaceous perennials with winter interest. The intention is that when the aquatic plants have been cut down in early winter and the prairie style planting has been cut back the winter border is centre stage. Early spring bulbs are planted throughout the border.

A courtyard garden and a kitchen garden, including a green house and herb garden are to be found at the back of the house.

Paths have been mown through less formal parts of the garden which comprise wildflower areas and a small copse. An orchard and a large chicken-run supply eggs and fruit to the kitchen.