Scole, Norfolk

Client Brief

Anne has a passion for competitive wild swimming and could see that a swimming pond would fit right into her lifestyle.  Not only would the addition to her home be a great place to train, but also a magical place for both her and her husband to spend time away from the pressures of running a very successful business.

When visiting our show swimming pond Anne asked the question “How long is the swimming length?”  I responded with “17.3m.”  She in turn said “But I can’t do my 17.3 times table, let’s make our swimming length 20m!”

Much of the living space in the home faces south over a large expanse of lawn and it was felt that views from within the house were really important.

Simon loves to cook and had recently designed an outdoor kitchen, so it was important to create a strong link between the 2 features.

To increase more privacy, it was thought that the spoil from the swimming pond build could be used in a creative manner to help screen nearby housing as well as making the garden more interesting.

The Design

In order to achieve a swimming length of (exactly) 20m and still maintain a pond-shape, the final surface area measures a little over 240m² with a depth of between 1.6-2m and a swimming area of 120m².

A large oak deck to simply relax, have fun and enjoy the views has been constructed from green oak.  Its geometric design links to the outdoor kitchen and forms an axis through an existing pergola.

A small deck has been positioned at the far end of the swimming pond and is just big enough to accommodate 2 Adirondack chairs. It is simply a lovely place to sit and be at peace with the world!

Prairie style borders have been created to add a further dimension to the design and complement the swimming pond beautifully.

This swimming pond is certainly one of our favourites and may we say, really quite stunning!


“We had our swimming pond built over the spring of 2018 and found The Swimming Pond Company fantastic to work with. We had great communication throughout the project and the quality of the workmanship was superb. The whole team share a fantastic passion for their work and they take pride in it accordingly.

Since we started to fill it, I’ve swum almost every morning and must have clocked up more than 50 miles this summer. Watching the wildlife is mesmerising too, and it’s so amazing when the dragonflies come and swim up and down with us. Whilst the whole family have enjoyed the swimming, it has brought us so much more than that, and it has been life changing.

The benefits of having a swimming pond are immeasurable. I find that sitting by the water soothes my stress and anxiety and for the first time in many years I find that I can just sit and be still.

Young and old enjoy the benefits and it is fabulous to be able to relax with friends and family. Our youngest swimming so far has been 6-year-old Abel who has been supplementing his swimming lessons and we were lucky enough to celebrate my Granddad’s 90 birthday by the swimming pond, which he thoroughly enjoyed. You could not put a price on that.”

Anne Beckett-Allen